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Nailoke Solar Energy

When the sun shines you can cook or bake bread with this solar-stove. The food is put in a wooden box, the glass lid is closed and the plate covered with aluminum foil is placed in such a way that the sun produces sufficient warmth to make cooking possible.
Consequently the user consumes less wood or other fuel, which is also favourable for the environment (less pollution).

Apart from building and selling Solar Stoves Nailoke is building her own house, with the help of her neighbour. Here she will also establish her own workshop, so she will not need to rent other space (cost-saving).

With the help of our foundation Nailoke has been able to buy the materials with which she can produce her Solar Stoves.

- the activities of our Hanasaneye Foundation are made possible by donations from private individuals and companies.
Our sincere thanks for this!