- clean drinking water, sufficient food and good education for children in Namibia -

-- The Hanasaneye Foundation brings starting entrepreneurs in touch with a.o.:

College of Art (Windhoek),
This college offers courses in the field of television, radio, music and sound, design and media design. These courses are all designed for small business management. A plan has been developed for students in the design and media field to create the website for starting business men.

Small and Medium Enterprices (SME’s, Windhoek) -  visit website
They offer brief courses for the small and medium-sized enterprises like marketing and bookkeeping. SME's is especially active in the guidance of young entrepreneurs and not so much in granting loans

Community Skills Development Centre (COSDEC, Opuwo) - visit website
This organisation (established all over Namibia) supports young people without a job and school drop-outs.

Centre for Creative Entrepreneurs Solutions (Ondangwa)
This is a centre where starting entrepreneurs can sign up. When courses are followed the foundation partly pays for the training costs.

Honorair Consul van Nederland (Windhoek)
Judges new projects and give us advice.

As a consequence of the construction of the classroom there are good contacts with the:
- Ministery of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Opuwo
- Ministery of Education, Opuwo
- Ministery of Works and Trade, Opuwo
- Red Cross, Opuwo


- the activities of our Hanasaneye Foundation are made possible by donations from private individuals and companies.
Our sincere thanks for this!