- clean drinking water, sufficient food and good education for children in Namibia -

-- Sharing together by working together.

Our foundation is of the opinion that young entrepreneurs often have a keen eye for new developments and are thus of great importance for the future.
This and the fact that more than half of the population is younger than twenty years (source: interview Rene Grotenhuis in One World: Be part of it, May 2013) makes the development of employment possibilities utterly relevant.

When a starting businessman contacts us, he/she indicates what his/her plans are. Next, from a basis of mutual respect a cooperation is started characterized by trust, friendship and equality. Such a cooperation does not have the character of help or dependence but appeals to the partners’ own responsibility.

When these business men begin to earn an income and acquire independence they can in turn support other young business men; besides they can make use of each other’s services and build a network. They too share together .....

When the existing local business society gets interested these projects will also gain social value.

Furthermore the foundation aims at performing all activities enabling the above or in connection herewith, or activities which could promote this. Therefore, together with the parties involved, the foundation has enabled the construction of a classroom in Ombaka (see Projects).

In February 2010 the Hanasaneye Foundation was founded by notarial decree. The Board consists of Hendrik Kraak (chairman) and Theo Keizer (secretary, treasurer). None of the board members receive any financial compensation for their activities and travel to Namibia at their own expense.

The texts of the annual report are included in this website; the financial report is mentioned separately.

The financial statements are prepared by Roza Accountants & Advisors.

- the activities of our Hanasaneye Foundation are made possible by donations from private individuals and companies.
Our sincere thanks for this!